State vs. Federal Bail

All About Federal Bail

State bail bonds are pretty simple. They are 10% of the bail costs, quick, and require little to no collateral. They are also regulated. Federal bail bonds are much more complicated.

As you can guess, federal bail bonds are more. In fact they are 15% of the set bail. Federal bail bonds can be quite complicated and take much longer to process, so make sure you have a trusted bail bonds agency on your side experienced in federal bail bonds laws.

Federal bail is also not regulated. The offender goes before a magistrate, and the magistrate can choose the options that a defendant has for release, much like a judge. However, a magistrate can set the bail however he or she chooses based upon many factors.

Federal bail bonds are also different in that they often require certain conditions. the most common conditions are not begin able to travel, having to take drug tests, and have to have a psychiatric evaluation.

Common crimes that can be considered federal crimes include:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Mail Fraud
  • Customs Violations
  • Importation of Illegal Drugs
  • Organized Crime
  • Kidnapping
  • Bank Robbery
  • Tax Evasion

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