Local El Segundo CA man posts bail bond after being arrested on drug charges

A local 26 year-old El Segundo man was arrested last week for intent to distribute illegal narcotics substances. He was taken down to the local sheriffs office and put in jail, but has since been released after posting bail bonds in El Segundo California.

The man was accused of selling prescription medication to residents without a prescription. Friends and relatives described the man as a “good person and a great neighbor”, and they were shocked to learn of his arrest. After learning his total bail amount, the man’s family contacted a local bail bonds company in El Segundo and the family paid for his bail and to have him released from jail.

The man, a long time El Segundo resident, has decided not to do any public interviews. A local bondsman was quoted as saying “We believe he deserved another chance, and everyone makes mistakes and he should not have to sit in jail before he is convicted of any crime”.

When bail is posted in El Segundo California the inmate is summarily released and is allowed to remain free until they must show up to court in a timely manner on the day of their trial.