Jail Release Options

How to Get Released from Jail

If you are taken into custody, there are many different ways you may choose to be released. How many options you have is based upon public safety, flight risk, and the severity of your crime.

If you are eligible for bail, the simplest option would be to pay bail in full by cash or cashier’s check. A family member or friend may do this for you. If you or a loved one does not have that amount upfront, you may choose to use a bail bonds agency like El Segundo Bail Bonds. This can greatly relieve your financial burden by requiring a premium of 10% the bail instead of the whole bail fee. If your bail is too high even for this, such as in a federal or serious crime, then you might have the option of a property bond. Property bonds are when the court puts a lien on property that is worth at least 150% of the bail so that you can be released. This is rare, and the least preferable choice. If you skip bail the court will foreclose on the lien.

For minor crimes the judge may decide on other ways that you may be released. These consist of O.R., or on your own recognizance and a cite out. Both of these require no payment as the judge believes you will show up to your court dates. In the latter of these options, you receive a written charge and your court dates because the crime is trivial.

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