How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in El Segundo

In California, bail amounts for each crime is set annually in what is known as a bail schedule. This is a guideline set by the judges in each county in order to help a judge deciding a particular case. However, know that the bail amount can be changed by the judge. The law does protect the offender in that the bail cannot be excessive for the crime. Bail is not a punishment. It is collateral so that you will show up at your court dates.

Factors that Help a Judge Decide Bail

  • Past criminal history
  • Ties you have to the city
  • Flight risk
  • Seriousness of the crime
  • Public safety

Depending on the severity of the offense and the likelihood you will skip bail, the higher the bail will be, if you are allowed bail at all. If the judge trusts you they may let you out of jail without bail.

A judge may also decide to lower the bail amount for those with little or no wealth.

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