Following Arrest

The Arrest Process in El Segundo

Following an arrest, police have set procedures they must follow by law. The first part of the process that many of us know is the reading of the “Miranda Rights”. The rights that a suspect has upon arrest include: right to refuse to answer questions, the right to an attorney whether paid for or appointed, and the right to stop answering questions until an attorney arrives.

Remember, these rights are what apply if you are in custody and for interrogation.

Even if you have already had a pat down, as soon as you arrive at a jail or other law enforcement facility a full search will be conducted to look for weapons, drugs, and other contraband. Your personal belongings will also be taken for the duration you are in custody.

The next step is to be booked. Booking is where the police will gather information about you so they can put you into their system, update you in the national criminal database, and find out of there are any warrants out for you or past criminal charges.

Once this is done, and you are led to a cell, you will have the right to make a phone call. This may be done through a pay phone within the cell or at the jailer’s discretion. This is the time you can decide to find a bail bonds agency to help you post bail. Be sure to give a family member or friend that is helping you find one your full name, jail you are in, and where you were arrested. then, they can contact us at 310-547-8492.