Bounty Hunters

The Role of a Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter is a person that tracks down another person for money. In modern times, bounty hunters are most often used by bail bonds agencies to catch bail jumpers. The bounty is the compensation they get for catching this individual. In most case,s the bounty hunter gets 10% of the bail.

Bounty hunters are hired for the protection of an agency because if the offender does not appear for a court date and skips out on bail, the bond agent is now responsible for the entire bail payment. This puts financial strain on a business, so the bounty hunter brings the offender back to get back that lost money.

Most bounty hunters don’t have to have formal training or certification to perform their duties, but they do need special rights to carry out the job they do. Remember, if somebody skips bail, they have given up their legal rights. This means a bounty hunter can enter the offender’s property without a warrant. With permissions or a warrant, they can also enter others’ property in order to locate the bail jumper. A bounty hunter can also arrest the bail jumper without legal process in order to bring them in.

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