Bail Costs

What are the Bail Bonds Costs in El Segundo?

The California Department of Insurance controls bail bond costs at all times. The law at the moment states that bonds must be 10% of the bail cost. This means that if your bail cost is $10,000 then your bond fee would be $1,000.

Unlike cash bail, bail bonds are non-refundable, however their purpose is to allow those without the funds for bail to still be able to get released from jail. The offender uses a bail bonds agency to post bail and the bail bondsman guarantees that the client will show up to all court dates or they owe the full bail amount. If the defendant skips bail, the agency will hire a bounty hunter to bring them in.

Another part of bail costs is collateral. Sometimes this is required to guarantee the agency that you will show up at court dates. This can be in the form of cash or property. If you show up to all court dates, you will get the collateral back after your trial is over.

Before you hire a bail bondsman be sure he or she is not offering a bail premium below 10%. As tempting as this may be, it is completely illegal. This means they are operating outside the law and cannot really help you. Your best bet is to check the Better Business Bureau to be sure they are a reputable service.

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