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Bail Costs

What are the Bail Bonds Costs in ? The California Department of Insurance controls bail bond costs at all times. The law at the moment states that bonds must be 10% of the bail cost. This means that if your bail cost is $10,000 then your bond fee would be $1,000. Unlike cash bail, bail...Read More

Bounty Hunters

The Role of a Bounty Hunter A bounty hunter is a person that tracks down another person for money. In modern times, bounty hunters are most often used by bail bonds agencies to catch bail jumpers. The bounty is the compensation they get for catching this individual. In most case,s the bounty hunter gets 10%...Read More

Following Arrest

The Arrest Process in Following an arrest, police have set procedures they must follow by law. The first part of the process that many of us know is the reading of the “Miranda Rights”. The rights that a suspect has upon arrest include: right to refuse to answer questions, the right to an attorney whether...Read More

How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in In California, bail amounts for each crime is set annually in what is known as a bail schedule. This is a guideline set by the judges in each county in order to help a judge deciding a particular case. However, know that the bail amount can be changed by the...Read More

Jail Release Options

How to Get Released from Jail If you are taken into custody, there are many different ways you may choose to be released. How many options you have is based upon public safety, flight risk, and the severity of your crime. If you are eligible for bail, the simplest option would be to pay bail...Read More

State vs. Federal Bail

All About Federal Bail State bail bonds are pretty simple. They are 10% of the bail costs, quick, and require little to no collateral. They are also regulated. Federal bail bonds are much more complicated. As you can guess, federal bail bonds are more. In fact they are 15% of the set bail. Federal bail...Read More
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